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The 2012 annual meeting of CASPER will cover a wide range of topics related to FPGA and GPU based instrumentation for astronomy. In addition to talks and presentations on the latest designs, developments and instrumentation from the worldwide CASPER community, the program will also include invited special talks from industry participants, as well as talks relating to the SKA requirements. Hands-on sessions and tutorials on CASPER designs (both FPGA and GPU based) will be conducted to help newcomers to CASPER learn about the basic techniques. These will be supplemented with real-time test runs of simple designs at the Green Bank Telescope. Special tutorial and demo sessions will also be organized with an emphasis on real-time streaming data processing with FPGAs and GPUs.

Workshop Agenda:

The final agenda for the workshop is found in Casper2012.pdf


The videos of the talks, organized by session, may be found at


Tutorials featuring the ROACH hardware were provided. The Xilinx ISE Version 11 tools were used in the tutorial sessions. Tutorials on 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Spectrometers, GPU processing, and basic blinky-light functions are available. These tutorials may be found on github [1]