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CASPER Presentations


Petaflop Radio Astronomy Signal Processing and the CASPER Collaboration for the OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop 2014

Dan Werthimer (edited by Ron Fredericks at LectureMaker)

Workshop Talks

CASPER Workshop 2011 (NCRA, Pune, India; October 10-14, 2011)

Day 1 :  Monday, 10th October

Session 1 : 09:00 - 10:50  [Chair : John Ford] Welcome, Introduction & Industry Perspective

  1. S.K. Ghosh (Centre Director, NCRA) : Welcome and Opening Remarks
  2. Yashwant Gupta : Workshop logistics ppt
  3. DanWerthimer : Introduction to CASPER ppt mp4
  4. SiddharthRele, Xilinx : Scientific Computing with FPGAs ppt mp4
  5. D. Pandian, Intel : CPU computing : Roadmap for the future ppt mp4

Session 2 : 11:10 - 13:00  [Chair : Dan Werthimer] News from Major Facilities - I

  1. Francois Kapp : The Road to MeerKAT ppt mp4
  2. John Ford : CASPER Instruments at Green Bank
  3. Matthew Bailes : Update from Parkes : The High Time Resolution Universe Surveys ppt mp4
  4. Andrew Siemion : Making CASPER designs on FPGAs : a walk through tutorial pdf mp4
  5. Lightning Talks - Francois Kapp : Roach-2 ppt

Day 2 :  Tuesday, 11th October

"'Session 1 : 09:00 - 10:50     [Chair : MatthewBailes] Software Tools & Techniques

  1. Abhay Samant, National Instruments : Enabling Radio Astronomy Research Using Graphical System Design ppt mp4
  2. Andrew Martens : Looking forward to the perfect FFT ppt mp4
  3. Hong Chen : Developing the CASPER library : Optimize, Modify or Create a Block ppt mp4
  4. Wesley New : Integrating MyHDL with the CASPER hardware ppt mp4
  5. AmitBansod : High Performance DSP on FPGAs using Python pdf mp4

 Session 2 : 11:10 - 13:00  [Chair : L. Greenhill] News from Major Facilities - II

  1. S. Sherlekar, Intel : A Novel Networking Scheme for HPC ppt mp4
  2. David MacMahon : PAPER Correlators : Present and Future pdf mp4
  3. Ismael Cognard : Update from Nancay pdf mp4
  4. Jonathan Weintroub : Digital Back-ends for the SMA pdf mp4
  5. Chao-Te Li : Electronic developments at ASIAA pdf mp4
  6. Lightning talks

Day 3 :  Wednesday, 12th October

Session 1 : 09:00 - 10:55    [Chair : Jason Manley] Updates from the GMRT

  1. Yashwant Gupta : The GMRT : new results & future plans ppt mp4
  2. B. Ajithkumar : Next Generation Digital Back-ends for the GMRT pdf mp4
  3. SandeepChaudhari : Lessons from CASPER correlators at the GMRT ppt mp4
  4. Harshvardhan Reddy : Development & testing of a GPU based Correlator for the GMRT ppt mp4
  5. Jayanta Roy : A Transient Detection Pipeline for the GMRT ppt mp4
  6. KaushalBuch : A Digital Noise source for FPGAs ppt mp4

      Session 2 : 11:15 - 13:05  [Chair : Yashwant Gupta] Hardware - GPUs and FPGAs

  1. Simon See, NVIDIA : Massively Parallel Computing with GPGPUs pdf mp4
  2. Lincoln Greenhill : The Universe at Redshifts > 20 : The LEDA Project pdf mp4
  3. Jason Manley : MeerKATs novel digital signal processor pdf mp4
  4. RameshKaruppusamy : A 2.5 GHz Coherent Dedispersion System pdf mp4
  5. Michael Kandrashoff : Using GPU Correlation to Probe the Epoch of Reionization ppt mp4

Day 4 :  Thursday, 13th October

Session 1 : 09:00 - 11:00  [Chair : B. Ajithkumar] Some Non-CASPER Hardware

  1. PrabuThiagaraj : MWA Digital Receiver Development at RRI ppt mp4
  2. Andrew Brown : Next Generation ASKAP Hardware ppt mp4
  3. Jonathan Hargreaves : Recent Developments with UniBoard ppt mp4
  4. Amit Mishra : Rhino as a Cognitive Radar Platform ppt mp4
  5. Nichi D'Amico : News from Sardinia ppt mp4
  6. 1Mahesh Burse : FPGA based Systems for Optical Astronomy ppt mp4

Session 2 : 11:20 - 13:00  [Chair : J. Manley] Hardware Techniques

  1. Rakesh Mehta, MTE : Activities and Plans at MTE ppt
  2. Andrew Siemion : Exploring the Unknown with CASPER Instrumentation pdf mp4
  3. SurajGowda : High Speed/Bandwidth Instrument Development pdf mp4
  4. ShanlyRajan : A simple memory mapped driver for FPGA access pdf mp4
  5. Lightning talks - Kaushal Buch, Mayur Deshmukh : Optimising Casper Designs using Xilix Plan Ahead ppt

Day 5 : Friday, 14th October

Session 1 : 09:00 - 10:40  [Chair : Dan Werthimer] Hardware : Spectrometers

  1. SrikanthBussa : ADC083000 Characterization & Roach Spectrometer ppt mp4
  2. Ryan Monroe - Polyphase Spectroscopy: The design methodology of a 3 GHz bandwidth, 8192 channel digital polyphase spectrometer in a Xilinx XC5VSX95T FPGA ppt mp4
  3. John Ford : The Vegas Spectrometer - 1 : Monitor and Control aspects pdf mp4
  4. Mark Wagner : The Vegas Spectrometer -2 : Hardware Development ppt mp4
  5. Jayanth Chennamangalam : The Vegas Spectrometer - 3 : A GPU-based High Bandwidth Spectrometer pdf mp4
  6. Simon Scott : The Vegas Spectrometer - 4 : Low-cost FPGA Boards & High Performance GPU systems ppt mp4

Session 2 : 11:00 - 13:00  [Chair : John Ford] Hardware : ADCs, RFI& Transients

  1. Rurik Primiani : Solving the Challenges of Processing 18 GHz Bandwidth at the SMA pdf mp4
  2. Kim Guzzino : The SMA/ASIAA 10 Gsps ADC board ppt mp4
  3. Sias Malan : RFI Qualification Using CASPER Tools pdf mp4
  4. Laura Spitler : Sifting for fast radio transients using the modulation index in a high-RFI environment pdf mp4
  5. Kara Kundert : DSN Transient Observatory pdf mp4
  6. Closing remarks

Mini CASPER Taiwan Workshop (March 23 - March 24, 2011) lectures

March 23:

  1. Dan Werthimer: High level introduction to CASPER hardware and tools.(realplayer) rmvb
  2. Andrew Siemion: Introduction to CASPER tutorials, tools and instrument design.(realplayer) rmvb

March 24:

  1. David DeBoer: DACOTA: The Dense Array for Cosmology and Transient Astrophysics.(realplayer) rmvb
  2. Tzu-Ching Chang: Cylinder Radio Telescope.(realplayer) rmvb
  3. Andrew Siemion:All about spectrometers and transient instrumentation - science.(realplayer) rmvb
  4. Mark Wagner: All about spectrometers - digital design.(realplayer) rmvb
  5. Dan Werthimer: All about correlators(realplayer) rmvb

March 25:

  1. Dan Werthimer: IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? The Search for ET with help from Eight Million Volunteers html

If you are having problems viewing the videos encoded in Camtasia format, try installing the TechSmith screen capture codec. You can get it here. Or, try the Divx-encoded versions instead.

CASPER Workshop III (Cape Town, South Africa. September 28 - October 2, 2009) lectures

Monday, September 28:

  1. Minister of Science and Technology : Inaugural welcome/presentation
  2. Dan Werthimer: CASPER Collaboration, Religion and Philosophy m4v PPT
  3. Justin Jonas: Meerkat Telescope m4v PPT
  4. Wallace Turner: Signal Processing Requirements for the SKA PPT
  5. Andrew Siemion: Exploration of Fast-Transient Phenomena with High Performance Computing PDF

Next generation RA Digital Backends (chair: Dan Werthimer)

  1. John Bunton: ASKAP Beamformer m4v PPT
  2. B. Ajithkumar : "Digital backends for the GMRT upgrade" m4v PDF PPT
  3. Andy Faulkner: Aperture Array Station Processing m4v PPT
  4. Matthew Bailes: A high resolution Pulsar Survey with the (mult)iBOB m4v PPT
  5. Alan Langman: MeerKAT DBE: Past, Present and Future m4v PPT

Tuesday, September 29:

CASPER applications (chair: Justin Jonas)

  1. Jason Manley: Scalable Packetised Correlators m4v PPT
  2. Aaron Parsons: The PAPER Correlator: Past and Future m4v PPT
  3. Terry Filiba: Packetised Astronomy Signal Processor m4v PDF
  4. Laura Spitler: SERENDIP V and VI: Employing BEE2 and ROACH in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at the Arecibo Observatory m4v PPT
  5. Jonathan Weintroub: Submillimeter VLBI: Imaging an Event Horizon m4v Keynote Tarball
  6. Rurik A. Primiani: A VLBI Phased-Array Processor for the SMA using iBOB and BEE2 m4v PDF
  7. John Ford: CASPER instruments at Green Bank. PDF PPT

Hardware and Low Level Tools (chair: Mike Inggs)

  1. Francois Kapp: ROACH Development m4v PDF
  2. Eric Koostra: UniBoard m4v PDF
  3. Dan Werthimer: Digitisation (current and future ADCs) m4v PPT
  4. Homin Jiang: 5 GSPS ADC Board Development m4v PPT
  5. Brandon Hamilton: Porting BORPH to ROACH m4v PPT
  6. Shanly Rajan: Automated Gateware Discovery Using Open Firmware m4v PPT

Wednesday, September 30:

CASPER Instruments I (chair: Aaron Parsons)

  1. Matthew Bailes: Pulsar coherent dedispersion using various backends: CPSR1, CPSR2, CABB, iBOB. PPT
  2. Griffin Foster: Pocket Correlators m4v PDF
  3. Nimish Sane: Integrating Dataflow Modeling with the CASPER Toolflow for Design and Implementation of Tunable Digital Downconverter m4v PPT
  4. Y. Gupta: "A software back-end for the GMRT : towards hybrid correlators" m4v PPT
  5. Ismael Cognard: Real-Time Pulsar Timing Signal Processing on GPUs m4v PDF
  6. Matthew Stevenson: A New Polarimeter for the OVRO 40m Telescope. PPT
  7. Jack Hickish: Beamforming and Calibration with CASPER m4v PPT

CASPER instruments II (chair: Yashwant Gupta)

  1. Richard Armstrong: Some Design and Calibration Considerations for Dense Aperture Arrays m4v PPT
  2. Danny Price: Correlator Architectures and Station-Level Calibration m4v PPT
  3. Billy Mallard: Infrared Astronomy with Radio Instrumentation
  4. Loren Swenson: Progress in fast, sensitive, high-resolution imaging utilizing frequency-multiplexed, superconducting resonators m4v PDF
  5. John Bunton SPDO spectrometer

Thursday, October 1:

Workshop Discussion Topic Introductions

  1. Panel introduction (Francois): Next generation hardware platform (ROACH II + ADC) PDF PPT
  2. Panel introduction (Aaron): Library and Toolflow Development
  3. Panel introduction (Jason): Correlators / Beamformers
  4. Panel introduction (Andrew S.): Pulsar machines / Transient detectors PDF
  5. Panel introduction (Dan): How Best to Collaborate
  6. Panel introduction (Yashwant): Hybrid Computing PPT
  7. Panel introduction (Jonathan): Advisory Board PDF

CASPER Workshop II (August 2-5, 2008) lectures

CASPER Promo Video '08

Saturday, August 2:

  1. Dan Werthimer: Rapid Development of Radio Astronomy Instrumentation using general purpose open source FPGA boards, tools & libraries. Camtasia Divx PDF ATA Video
  2. Andrew Siemion and Mark Wagner: An Introduction to Simulink and CASPER Instrument Design. Camtasia Divx IBOB bitstream
  3. Hayden Kwok-Hay So: Introduction to BORPH. Camtasia Divx PDF
  4. Billy Mallard: Interacting with CASPER Instruments. Camtasia Divx
  5. Mike Memmott: Fujitsu 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches. Camtasia Divx PDF

Sunday, August 3:

  1. Henry Chen: CASPER Tools FAQ - The Whole Sort of General Mish Mash. Camtasia Divx PDF
  2. Dan Werthimer: CASPER Hardware - Old, New and Future. Camtasia Divx PDF
  3. Francois Kapp: An Introduction to ROACH. Camtasia Divx PDF
  4. Terry Filiba: Version 10.1 Xilinx Tools Update. Camtasia Divx PDF
  5. Glenn Jones: CASPER Development for GAVRT at Caltech. Camtasia Divx PDF
  6. Laura Spitler: SETI Spectrometer Development for ALFA. Camtasia Divx PDF
  7. Alan Langman: Road to MeerKAT KAT-7 DBE. Camtasia Divx PDF MeerKAT Video

Monday, August 4:

  1. Bob Conn: BabyBEE - Defining the Silicon Circuit Board. Camtasia Divx PDF
  2. Jason Manley: Scalable Packetized Correlators. Camtasia Divx PDF
  3. Mel Wright: Correlation Imaging. Camtasia Divx PDF
  4. Joeri van Leeuwen: CASPER Pulsar Instruments. Camtasia Divx PDF
  5. Griffin Foster: The Fly's Eye - A Search for HERPES using the ATA. Camtasia Divx PDF
  6. Tim Bastian and Zhiwei Liu: Frequency Agile Solar Radio Telescope. Camtasia Divx PDF
  7. Oren Milgrome: ATA Beamformer. Camtasia Divx

Tuesday, August 5:

  1. Tom Kuiper: Signal Processing Ambitions for DSN Radio Astronomy. Camtasia Divx PPT
  2. Bernd Klein: Broadband FFT Spectrometer. Camtasia Divx PPT
  3. John Ford: CICADA Project. Camtasia Divx PPT
  4. Peter McMahon: Pulsar Instrumentation using CASPER Technology. Camtasia Divx PDF
  5. Yashwant Gupta: The GMRT - Current Status and Upgrade Plans. Camtasia Divx PPT
  6. Ed Wishnow: Infrared Spatial Interferometer. Camtasia Divx PPT
  7. Dan Werthimer: Is Anbody Out There? Searching for ET and Transients with SETI@home. Camtasia Divx PPT

CASPER Workshop I (July 2007) lectures


  1. Dan Werthimer: Introduction and Overview. Camtasia Divx
  2. Aaron Parsons: Simulink Overview. Camtasia Divx
  3. Henry Chen: Infrastructure Libraries. Camtasia Divx
  4. Vinayak Nagpal: BORPH. Camtasia Divx
  5. Daniel Chapman and Andrew Siemion: TinySH. Camtasia Divx


  1. Dan Werthimer: Monday Summary. Camtasia Divx
  2. Henry Chen: VLBI Digital Backend. Camtasia Divx
  3. Daniel Chapman and Andrew Siemion: Pocket Spectrometer. Camtasia Divx
  4. Chen Chang: BEE3. Camtasia Divx
  5. Aaron Parsons: FX Correlator Architecture. MP3 Board 1 JPG Board 2 JPG
  6. Aaron Parsons: Packetised Correlator Design. Camtasia Divx
  7. Joeri van Leeuwen: Pulsars. Camtasia Divx
  8. Dan Werthimer: Available and Upcoming Hardware. Camtasia Divx
  9. John Ford: NRAO. Camtasia Divx
  10. Yashwant Gupta: GMRT. Camtasia Divx
  11. Glen Jones: GAVRT (Caltech). Camtasia Divx
  12. Alan Langman: MeerKAT. Camtasia Divx
  13. Tamara Hall: Arecibo. Camtasia Divx
  14. Melvyn Wright: Real Time Imaging. Camtasia Divx
  15. Don Backer: RFI, Quantization and Linearization. Camtasia Divx