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If you are new to CASPER tools, check out our Guide to Interacting with CASPER Instruments.

Board Control
  • TinySHell - for interacting with IBOBs.
  • BORPH - for interacting with BEE2s and ROACHes.
  • Corr - for interacting with BEE2s and ROACHes.
Data Plotting
Instrument Design
Data Exchange Protocal
  • SPEAD: Streaming Protocol for Exchanging Astronomical Data
Data Analysis
  • PSRDADA is an Open Source software project to support the development of distributed systems for data acquisition and analysis.
  • MIRIAD-Ruby allows for reading and writing MIRIAD UV datasets with Ruby. It is very easy to install and use, and it is fully self-contained -- you DO NOT NEED TO HAVE MIRIAD INSTALLED on your computer (or BEE) to use MIRIAD-Ruby!
  • HASHPIPE is High Availibility Shared Pipeline Engine. Hashpipe is usually used to move data through an X engine running on a CPU and GPU. It handles collecting packets from multiple F engines through a NIC, re-ordering the data and converting it to a type appropriate for processing on GPU. It then sends data from the system RAM to the GPU RAM and calls the xGPU code which performs the X operation on the inputs provided. After correlation hashpipe copies the output of the CUDA X-engine (xGPU), reorders/re-interprets the data and sends the data to a catcher machine which handles further accumulation, data aggregation and save the data to disc. For easy understand how does hashpipe works and how can you write your own code for your application, you can find several simple tutorials in here: demo1 demo2.