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Welcome to the CASPER documentation wiki!

Getting Started with CASPER


  • Libraries - CASPER DSP and Infrastructure Gateware Libraries.
  • Toolflow - Toolflow Software and Setup.
  • Hardware - Hardware Board Descriptions and Schematics.
  • Software - Software for board control, plotting, data analysis, etc.
  • Git - Guidelines, recommendations, and FAQ for using git.


  • Projects - Some CASPER-based projects.
  • Tutorials - step-by-step training exercises.
  • Memos - elaborations on reference documentation.
  • Papers, Theses, Presentations - research that has used CASPER instruments.
  • Videos - videos of CASPER presentations and annual CASPER Workshop talks.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Logos - CASPER Logos and Related Media