CASPER Workshop 2009 Program

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Sunday, 27 September 2009

It was a great workshop! Thanks for all those who attended, presented and contributed to numerous excellent discussions. All the presentations and videos from the workshop can be found on the CASPER videos page .

17h00 Registration (about 2hrs)

Monday, 28 September 2009

08h00 Registration 08h30 Tea/Coffee

Opening Session

(chair: Alan Langman)

09h00 Minister of Science and Technology : Inaugural welcome/presentation

10h00 Dan Werthimer: CASPER Collaboration, Religion and Philosophy

11h00 Tea break

11h30 Justin Jonas: Meerkat Telescope

12h00 Wallace Turner: Signal Processing Requirements for the SKA

12h30 Andrew Siemion: Exploration of Fast-Transient Phenomena with High Performance Computing

13h00 Lunch

Next generation RA Digital Backends

(chair: Dan Werthimer)

14h00 John Bunton: ASKAP Beamformer

14h30 B. Ajithkumar : "Digital backends for the GMRT upgrade"

15h00 Andy Faulkner: Aperture Array Station Processing

15h30 Tea/Coffee

16h00 Matthew Bailes: A high resolution Pulsar Survey with the (mult)iBOB

16h30 Alan Langman: MeerKAT DBE: Past, Present and Future

17h00 Day End

19h00 Cocktails

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

08h30 Tea/Coffee

CASPER applications

(chair: Justin Jonas)

09h00 Jason Manley: Scalable Packetised Correlators

09h30 Aaron Parsons: The PAPER Correlator: Past and Future

10h00 Terry Filiba: Packetised Astronomy Signal Processor

10h30 Laura Spitler: SERENDIP V and VI: Employing BEE2 and ROACH in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at the Arecibo Observatory

11h00 Tea break

11h30 Jonathan Weintroub: Submillimeter VLBI: Imaging an Event Horizon

12h00 Rurik A. Primiani: A VLBI Phased-Array Processor for the SMA using iBOB and BEE2

12h30 John Ford: CASPER instruments at Green Bank.

13h00 Lunch

Hardware and Low Level Tools

(chair: Mike Inggs)

14h00 Francois Kapp: ROACH Development

14h30 Eric Koostra: UniBoard

15h00 Dan Werthimer: Digitisation (current and future ADCs)

15h30 Tea break

16h00 Homin Jiang: 5 GSPS ADC Board Development

16h30 Brandon Hamilton: Porting BORPH to ROACH

17h00 Shanly Rajan: Automated Gateware Discovery Using Open Firmware

17h30 Day End

19h00: Advisory Board meeting

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

08h30 Tea/Coffee

CASPER Instruments I

(chair: Aaron Parsons)

09h00 Matthew Bailes: Pulsar coherent dedispersion using various backends: CPSR1, CPSR2, CABB, iBOB.

09h30 Griffin Foster: Pocket Correlators

10h00 Nimish Sane: Integrating Dataflow Modeling with the CASPER Toolflow for Design and Implementation of Tunable Digital Downconverter

10h30 Y. Gupta: "A software back-end for the GMRT : towards hybrid correlators"

11h00 Tea break

11h30 Ismael COGNARD: Real-Time Pulsar Timing Signal Processing on GPUs

12h00 Matthew Stevenson: A New Polarimeter for the OVRO 40m Telescope.

12h30 Jack Hickish: Beamforming and Calibration with CASPER

13h00 Lunch

CASPER instruments II

(chair: Yashwant Gupta)

14h00 Richard Armstrong: Some Design and Calibration Considerations for Dense Aperture Arrays

14h30 Danny Price: Correlator Architectures and Station-Level Calibration

15h00 Billy Mallard: Infrared Astronomy with Radio Instrumentation

15h30 Tea break

16h00 Loren Swenson: Progress in fast, sensitive, high-resolution imaging utilizing frequency-multiplexed, superconducting resonators

16h30 John Bunton SPDO spectrometer

17h00 Day End

18h00 Casper Workshop Dinner

Thursday, 01 October 2009

08h30 Tea/Coffee

Workshop Discussion Topic Introductions

09h00 Panel introduction (Francois): Next generation hardware platform (ROACH II + ADC)

09h25 Panel introduction (Aaron): Library and Toolflow Development

09h50 Panel introduction: (Jason): Correlators / Beamformers

10h15 Panel introduction: (Andrew S.) Pulsar machines / Transient detectors

10h40 Panel introduction: (Dan) How Best to Collaborate

11h00 Tea break


11h30 Walkthrough Tutorial 1: (Jason) CASPER toolflow introduction: Simulink, hardware, communication.

13h00 Lunch

14h00 Walkthrough Tutorial 2: (Andrew S) Design of a Simple Spectrometer

15h30 Tea/Coffee

16h00 Walkthrough Tutorial 3: (Dave G.) The design of a "yellowblock" for ADC.

17h00 Day End

Friday, 02 October 2009

08h30 Tea/Coffee

Panel Session: Discussion feedback

09h00 Panel discussion(Francois): Next generation hardware platform (ROACH II + ADC)

09h40 Panel discussion(Aaron): Library and Toolflow Development

10h20 Panel discussion(Jason): Correlators / Beamformers

11h00 Tea/Coffee

11h30 Panel discussion(Andrew S.): Pulsar machines / Transient detectors

12h10 Panel discussion(Dan): How best to collaborate?

13h00 Lunch


14h00 Walk through Tutorial 4: (Dave George) High Resolution spectrometer.

15h30 Tea/Coffee

16h00 Walk through Tutorial 5: (Griffin) Narrowband Pocket Correlator.

17h00 Day End