Berkeley DSP Workshop

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ATA, SETI, and Real Time DSP meeting

Thurs 16 Sept 12:30 - 5 pm.

544 Campbell Hall, Berkeley.

This as an opportunity to get the various interested parties together, to see what plans and resources are out there. We don't expect final answers, more -- what's in progress, what lessons have we learned.... an opportunity for communication, discussion and collaboration.

Agenda Invited talks: 5-10 min + 5 min discussion for each.

1:00 pm

Introductions each around table.

SETI data processing (Jill Tarter) - not presented.

Pocket CoBI (Glen Jones /Casey Law)

Beamforming and null formation (Billy Barott)

The DiFX software correlator: capabilities and performance (Adam Deller)

2:00 pm

ATA data capture (Jon Richards)

Automated data processing on ATA (Karto Keating)

PAPER data processing (Aaron Parsons)

current status of PAPER correlator (David MacMahon)

current status of Roach. (Matt Dexter)

ISI spectrometer-correlator system. (Ed Wishnow)

3:00 pm coffee break

3:30 pm:

Casper - FPGA processing (Dan Werthimer)

GPUs cluster computing (Hemant Shukla)

Talking to clusters (Terry Filiba)

Real-time pulsar processing on GPUs (Gregory Desvignes)

Real Time feedback for beamformers and imagers - CoBI (Melvyn Wright)

4:30 pm Summary Discussion