Getting Started in the Undergraduate Radio Lab

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This page summarizes the procedure for getting yourself setup for the Undergraduate Radio Lab.

Besides the usual course instructions for lecture, etc., there are several things that need to be done at the beginning of the semester.

  • Pick a lab group of 3-4 people who you will work with to collect data.
  • Get an account on the laboratory network (the instructions for which should have been sent in an email).
  • Optional (required if in pandemic mode): Set up remote (off-campus) logins following the instructions in Connecting to the Lab Computers Remotely.
  • Set up your shell (default bash) environment:
    • Get a bashrc file:
cp /home/global/ay121/ugradio/environment/bashrc ~/.bashrc

then logging out and back in.

    • Test your lab Python environment by executing:
>>> import ugradio